Terms and Conditions

Please go through the terms of service below before availing of ozperthrenovation services. You can better take advantage of our services only by agreeing to our terms. However, these terms apply to everyone who is up to access our service. Having no compliance with these terms of service means you may not be able to avail our service as per your desire.

Agreement Formation

There will be the formation of an agreement between the company and the customer in the following way:

  • If clients want to order our services, it is necessary to provide a service request to the company first.
  • Then, our company will provide customers with an authorization.
  • An agreement will be made between the organization and the clients on the time the client accepts authorization in writing following these terms.

However, for authorization:

  • It is requisite for a client to provide proper information when submitting a service request, enabling the company to then provide a quotation price and an accurate authorization.
  • If a customer finds any kind of deficiencies in the services due to not providing adequate information in the service request, he will be liable for this act.
  • The company will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused due to the clients’ inaccurate information, subjecting to the breach of these terms of service.


customers must pay the deposit to the company after accepting the authorization, and the total amount of money without any kind of deduction following all these terms of service. In case clients somehow fail to pay the organization, a default notice will be issued by the company regarding any amount not paid.

Clients’ Responsibility

The client agrees and acknowledges that:

  • The company is not liable for cleaning up the site or the removal of debris from the site at which our services are performed.
  • The construction sites or the buildings at which our services are performed will be in accordance with all applicable occupational safety and health laws related to other safety legislation.

Intellectual Property

Whether the information is given by the authorized representatives or the company, it will be confidential. Any kind of drawings specifications, estimates, and plans provided by the company are not disclosed to unknown third parties without any written consent of the client and the company. Copyright in all drawings, services, designs, and plans remains with the company.


We may add variations to these terms and conditions at any time and upload them on the website homepage. Keep visiting the site more often to get notified about any kind of amendments.

Governing Law

All the above terms and conditions are interpreted and governed following the State of Australian laws.

Workmanship Guarantee

Our workmanship guarantee doesn’t include the parts or products supplied, but the work performed by our staff. If a customer has any kind of claim, he should contact the company as early as possible to organize an inspection with our team members.

However, this workmanship guarantee is honored on receipt/invoice text presentation or other proofs regarding any kind of purchase from our company.

Within Hour Service

If requested by the client or wherever possible, we are committed to having our professionals out to the customer within an hour after a call. There is a ‘Subject to availability’ clause that only applies to the situation when our staff is not able to provide a proper within-hour service.

Make a Book

  1. First, there will be an appropriate visual assessment of the renovation work you are hiring us for, including concerns for replacement or repair or advising any issues.
  2. We will facilitate you in providing a fixed pricing quote for every potential solution. For instance, it may be regarding the recommendation of replacements or new parts.
  3. Once you agree to the quoted price, we will now carry out further procedures to start the work.

Contact Us

If you have any sort of queries or suggestions related to these terms and conditions, contact us by making an instant call or emailing us at support@ozperthrenovation.com.