Privacy Policy

Your privacy matters to us a lot. This policy is developed to let you know how we collect and make use of your private information. The following outlines ozperthrenovation privacy policy:

Email Information

If you opt to correspond with us via email, we ensure retaining all your email messages together with our responses and your email address. We protect electronic communications the same way that we employ to ensure the maintenance of your personal information received online, by telephone, and by email. This also applies whether you register for and sign up on our website using your real email address or make any kind of purchase on this site.

IP Addresses

Every time you connect to the internet, your device uses your IP address. An IP address is nothing but a number that is used by your personal computers on any network to quickly recognize your computer. Our web server automatically gathers your Internet Protocol addresses as a part of the demographic so that the data can be immediately sent to you.

The Way We Use Your Information

We make use of your confidential details for the purpose of providing great customer service, administering all our business activities, and making available various other services to our prospective clients. ozperthrenovation doesn't demand your personally identifying information on visiting our website unless you allow us to do so. We never transfer, disclose or sell your private details to third parties without your approval. However, there may be your personal information disclosure when we are compelled to do so or in accordance with the law.

Cookie Policy

Our website uses a cookie policy. A cookie is nothing but a small text document, including an anonymous unique identifier. You will be asked to accept cookies for a better user experience. You can opt out of this cookie policy anytime from the settings, but the browser experience will not be as smooth as you want. Each site has designed its own cookie policy.

Intellectual Property Rights

All the intellectual property rights, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and every content posted on our website shall remain the exclusive property of ozperthrenovation or its licensors. The use of intellectual property trademarks and content is forbidden without any written consent from us. You must not:

  1. Duplicate, reproduce, copy, create derivatives, or exploit any material on our site for any purpose.
  2. Rent or sell material from our site.
  3. Redistribute any of our web content to other websites.
  4. Republish our web material without any proper written consent.

Policy Changes

We have the right to make changings in our privacy policy whenever we want with or without any notice. In case there is any amendment in our policies, we will never use your confidential details for any purpose without your consent. We are devoted to conducting our business according to the principles ensuring the maintenance and protection of the confidentiality of your private data.

Contact Us

If you are having any kind of queries regarding the privacy policy of our website, feel free to contact us by making a call or emailing us at